About Us

Our mission with Boss Vendors & Branding is to equip female entrepreneurs with the necessary tools they need to secure a successful business. We are here to connect you with the Top Vendors to grow your business beyond what you could’ve imagined. We’ve been in business relationship with these vendors and have been amazed by their products and service.  You may already be in business or you may be looking to become a business owner. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


The uniqueness that our vendor list offers is, we aren’t just giving you the vendor that offers the product you’re interested in. We are teaching you how to fish by giving you the websites for these vendors who have hundreds and even thousands of other similar products for you to shop. When you have access to these websites, you’re able to expand your business and your brand by choosing additional products that you love. You won’t need to continue to come back to us for new products, because you’ll be too busy creating relationships with the vendors on your own.

We’ve done all the research for you!!!!

Our goal is to also provide educational tools to advance your business and brand. Over 10 years in a product driven based business, we have learned tons of information that we want to share with you. How to start a business, what steps you need to take, how to get an EIN number, how to create your Avatar, who is your audience, how to market, how to make 10k a week and grow thousands and even millions beyond that. Make sure you check out our Business resources to get future training and insight on how to grow a successful business.


Okay, now that we have those details out of the way. Let’s get started being partners. We are here to serve you. I can’t wait for you ladies to share your testimony with us.